one-pot pastas

Pastas are an integral part of my summer, but it’s frustrating to deal with all of the parts of a pasta dish. By the time I boil the pasta, mix a delectable sauce, sauté ingredients, and garnish I’m not even hungry to eat anymore.

Cue the one-pot pasta.

The only science behind this dish: 1 medium sized pot or large saucepan, your favorite pasta, and your fridge leftovers. Then you have to cook your ingredients in order of firmness. Pasta will usually take the longest to cook, but maybe if you decide to use carrots or another very hard vegetable, that would go in first.

Finish it off by adding your other softer ingredients, water, spices, and anything you have in your fridge! Recently I threw in tomatoes, onions, leeks, white beans, and thyme which was the perfect combo for spring.

Bon Appetite…