oatmeal reinvented

I have oatmeal for breakfast almost every day.

Oatmeal has a way of warming your insides and staying with you until lunch. It carries me through the day, which is why I always say I truly wouldn’t know what to do without my oats in the morning.

Unfortunately, each morning, my mom and sister grimace at it, wanting nothing to do with it, so I wanted to figure out a way that might make oats a little more appealing.

The simple trick is to cook your regular oatmeal a little heavier than usual, and then spoon about a tablespoon in to a hot pan. The oatmeal will create a crust after a few minutes until you flip quickly with a spatula and let it sit for about five minutes on the other side.

You have yourself somewhat of an oatmeal pancake that I suggest being served with some kind of fruit sauce, yogurt, or even a little maple syrup. You’ve successfully dressed up the classic oatmeal that your family will be a little more apt to try!


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