david’s teas

I won’t lie and say I’m a tea purist or expert. Quite the opposite, I experiment and try every non-conventional, random flavor I can.

The only tea I think is a complete imposter in the tea industry is Birthday Cake. That is one taste so over-sugared and fake, it is unfair to consider tea.

Although David’s Tea has been around for a bit now and it’s partially lost it’s hype, I want to recommend a few sips to try. First of all, they offer an awesome deal of $3 for “Tea of the Days” and only $4 off the wall teas.

Their teas are hearty and fill you up. An added benefit: according to Real Simple Magazine, a few cups a day can reduce risk of stroke by over 20% amongst other wonderful health benefits.

Even the experience of Davids Tea exudes wholesome. I asked for their healthy, tropical pairing, in the mood of recent bright weather and the friendly attendant had me smell Blueberry Jam, Happy Kombucha, and Mango Madness.

I suggest all of these, but chose the kombucha. I was floored by the floral notes, but strong emphasis on passion fruity hints also with subtle tastes of earthier, herbal teas.

For all moods you may be in, I also suggest Sleigh Ride, Guava Cadabra, and Forever Nuts.

It’s the perfect grounds for experimenting, so try all you can, fellow tea-drinkers!


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