road tripping: providence

The charming windy streets of Providence were dotted with cottage, farm-to-table eateries, organic soap markets, and vintage handmade sunglass shops. Everybody on the streets looked fresh from Tumblr, or at least from one of the many colleges that fill the area. With the trifecta of Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design, and Johnson and Wales; you have the perfect combination: intellectuals, artists, and the finest of cooking.

I highly recommend stopping here for college visits, even if, it might be out your way. Just the food should be enough to get you to Providence.

I want to advise a few special places that became dear to my heart after our weekend-stay. 

First for breakfast, check out Small Point Cafe. Most of the baked goods are nearly as big as your face and the Mexican Mocha has a zingy zealousness to put a little pep in your step.

Next up: lunch! The lovely Ellie’s, in the heart of downtown Providence. The breakfast is a Nuevo-French style with local ingredients and one mouth-watering, elevated egg sandwich.

To wrap up, you’re going to need a fantastic dinner reservation and I have just the place. Al Forno’s is located near the river in Providence and serves straight-up, clean cooking, with fresh ingredients Italian food. The home-made sausage with roasted grapes and potatoes was rich, and the pear walnut crumble tart with creme anglaise didn’t help lighten my stomach, but altogether I left filled with great views of Providence, a hearty feast, and the coziest atmosphere to enjoy the food and of course, my foodie-partner, Mom.


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